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Who Are Swingers?

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Swingers include people who;

  • enjoy having sex with other people as well as, and often along with, their regular partner
  • enjoy watching their partner have sex with someone else
  • enjoy having sex with lots of people (greedy girls)
  • enjoy going to swingers clubs and parties

Swingers come from every walk of life, from every age group and most races.

In our years of swinging we have met and played with Politians, judges, actors, TV personalities, policemen, school teachers, engineers, Nurses, Doctors, and many others.

The swinging scene is very open about sexuality and you will find that most women are bisexual and many men are at least bi-curious. However the scene operates on mutual respect and you will not be pushed into doing anything you do not want to do.

The main criteria for being a swinger is that you are open and honest with yourself, your regular partner and the people you meet

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